Frequently asked questions

Further information you might need to know.


We do not accept payments for bookings online yet but we will work on it in the future to make payments easier. Our hotels also accpet various payment channels such as VISA, Mastercard, Mobile Money, and Cheques.
Booking on MYGHBOOKINGS.COM is free for all clients and will remain free until further notice. Our cherished hotels handles the various charges for all bookings.
We do not lobby for credit payments for clients to our hotels. This arrangement can be done strictly between the client and the hotel, according to the type of service being rendered by the hotel.

How it works

The process of booking for accommodation with any hotel facility is very simple. You just search for the hotel with the hotel name (if known), location for various hotels, within a region, accommodation type (guesthouse,motel,hotel or lodge) and also using the GhanaPOST GPS code of the hotel facility (if known).
We are currently working on implementing maps into our system for easier direction and navigation using vehicle transportation. This update will also come with our mobile application to be released soon for use by clients.
We send you a confirmation message with summary of your booking information via SMS (to provided mobile number) & Email (to provided email address). Same information are sent to the booked hotel for further confirmation of your bookings. Transactions happen between booked client(s) and hotel facility.


Registration of a hotel facility is within 5 minutes after confirmation of registration details. This process comes with no charge, as registration is free. You need to fill out your hotel details at SUBMIT HOTEL. Fill the details and submit your hotel for enlistment.
We do not charge for registration of your hotel facility. The charge is only for subscribing to our package. The registration process is always free and will always be free with no hidden charges.


Booking is free for all clients and no charges are applied, even for the SMS & Email alerts to be sent.
The subscription fee is subject to the memorandum of understanding between the hotel and MYGHBOOKING.COM. This charge is for the cost of maintenance of the platform, updates, security patches and SMS charges, with no hidden extra charges.


Confidentiality is a key to our business and as such, we keep the details of our clients very secured. We don't use these details for third-party marketing or spamming. We will always keep our clients updated in the improvement of the means of using their details to better enhance their stay on our platform.
Information of our various hotels are not the property of MYGHBOOKINGS.COM but the hotel alone. We treat our information with the highest level of confidentiality and professionalism.
Cookies are small files left on the users computer for performance and user experience tweaks. These files do not reside on our systems but the booking client system and as such we do not have access to them.